Can AI Support Justice In Canada?

This edition of the Ask AI podcast offers a fascinating look at how AI technologies are impacting Canada’s legal profession, societal governance, and the delivery justice.

The episode features an interview with Ben Alarie, CEO and co-founder of Blue J Legal, the Toronto-based machine learning company focused on legal research.

Co-hosts Jaxson Khan and Heather Evans lead this lively discussion with one of Canada’s leading legal minds and a true pioneer in applied artificial intelligence.

Episode Highlights

  • Why AI represents a major inflexion point in human civilization: 2 min 11 sec
  • How AI is changing the legal system and profession: 5 min 21 sec
  • How Blue J Legal AI is achieving 90% accuracy: 7 min 35 sec
  • The concept of the “Legal Singularity”: 10 min 35 sec

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Episode Credits

Senior Producer:

Mike Letourneau

Assistant Producer: 

Francesca Awotundun

Interview recorded by: 

Robyn Edgar

Executive Producer:

Chris McLellan