Interview With Dr. Elissa Strome, CIFAR

What would you do with $125 million dollars and a mandate to advance artificial intelligence research and policy in Canada?

This episode of the Ask AI podcast features an interview with Dr. Strome, the head of CIFAR’s Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Learn how CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) is helping to attract and nurture AI research talent and discover the aspects of AI most personally exciting to this Canadian AI thought leader.

Episode Highlights

Dr. Elissa Strome
  • Learn how CIFAR is helping to reverse AI brain drain in Canada:2 mins 37 sec
  • Discover what excites Dr. Strome most about AI: 11 mins 42 sec
  • Hear how CIFAR is co-operating with the Montreal Declaration: 19 mins 25 sec

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Episode Credits

Senior Producer:

Mike Letourneau

Assistant Producer: 

Francesca Awotundun

Interview recorded by: 

Robyn Edgar

Executive Producer:

Chris McLellan

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