Our conversation with Eli Fathi, CEO of MindBridge AI.

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Who Says Accountants Are Boring?

Well, basically everyone.

But if you live in Canada, you’ve probably seen those TV ads that are trying their very best to convince us all otherwise. Here’s an example.

To be fair, in an increasingly complex world, having skills with money, data, fraud, and regulation is probably a good way to set yourself up with a job for life, and that probably sounds pretty exciting to many people.

And now, thanks to applied AI technology, there’s more good news on the horizon.

The Automated Audit

Probably one of the most tedious aspects of accountancy is the much maligned audit.

Trolling though mountains of ledgers and books to spot mistakes, both deliberate and accidental, while business folks look on in dread is a tough sell for anyone.

So it was inevitable that someone would come along an apply machine learning to this repetitive, data-intensive process, and in Canada, that person is Eli Fathi, the CEO of Ottawa’s MindBridge AI.

A lifelong serial entrepreneur with an admirable track record that includes 7 startups, 3 exits, and hundreds of inspired employees, Eli is a true gem of the Canadian tech sector.

“This is an industry that has not
changed for the last hundred years and we are really transforming these professions called
accountants and auditors with artificial intelligence. “

Eli Fathi, cEO Mindbridge AI, speaking to ask ai podcast

Tune in to this episode to learn how Eli and this Ottawa company are together leading Canada’s charge into the multi-billion dollar Global accountancy and auditing tech sector.

The Ask AI interview with Eli Fathi, CEO, MindBridge AI

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What You’ll Hear

Eli’s startup journey which includes starting MindBridge with just a single employee and a good hunch.

Why the accountancy industry has become a diamond, but needs to return to being a triangle.

The numbers behind the incredible opportunity that Canadian women represent for out tech industry.

The forces that make growing a startup in Canada so challenging.

The Montreal Declaration and what it means to build an ethical AI company in Canada.

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