Our conversation with Gladstone Grant, National Director at Microsoft Technology Centres

With a career at Microsoft Canada spanning more than 20 years, Gladstone Grant is far from standing still.

This veteran of the Canadian tech sector is a lively and thoughtful advocate of artificial intelligence in Canada and doing a great deal of work to build bridges between researchers, the business community, and entrepreneurs.

The Role of the Tech Giants

With platforms such as Cortana and Windows 10 in the market, and the expansion of their AI research facilities in Montreal earlier this year, there’s no question that Microsoft is very much in the thick of the AI scene in Canada.

But exactly what does the involvement of the tech giants represent to the development of AI in Canada?

Are they potential roadblocks to innovation or are they irreplaceable supporters of our research labs and startups?

Tune in as Gladstone makes a passionate case for companies like Microsoft to play a positive and productive role in Canadian artificial intelligence.

Episode Highlights

  • Startup energy versus corporate expertise in AI: 9 mins 31 secs
  • Three things that brought AI to the tipping point: 11 mins 16 secs
  • Open Source as a “first class citizen”: 15 mins 39 secs
  • Microsoft’s invitation to Canadian startups: 27 mins 12 secs

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Episode Credits

Hosts: Jaxson Khan

Recording: Robyn Edgar

Senior Producer: Mike Letourneau

Executive Producer: Chris McLellan

Sponsor: Electric Brain

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