Interview with Andrey Kurenkov of Skynet Today

The media is having a field day with stories, both good and bad, about artificial intelligence and its potential impact on humanity.

But who’s keeping the coverage honest?

This episode of the Ask AI podcast features an interview with Andrey Kurenkov, founder of the Skynet Today blog.

Tune in to hear about Skynet Today’s work to dispel the misunderstandings within AI.

“It’s very likely to me that by the end of the 2020 decade we will see robots out there in society, like self driving cars, like delivery robots, like drones delivering our Amazon packages.”

Episode Highlights

  • Skynet and its role in reviewing media coverage of AI: 3 mins 25 secs
  • The most understood fact about artificial intelligence: 5 min 37 secs
  • Why you should be wary of many of the AI tools: 7 min 32 secs
  • What needs to happen to avoid another “AI Winter”: 13 mins 15 secs
  • The relationship between AI and robotics: 16 mins 20 secs
  • Andrey’s views on the Boston Robotics “robot dog”: 17 mins 56 secs

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Episode Credits

Senior Producer:

Mike Letourneau

Assistant Producer: 

Francesca Awotundun

Interview recorded by: 

Robyn Edgar

Executive Producer:

Chris McLellan