The Ask AI conversation with Carole Piovesan, Partner & Co-Founder at INQ Data Law and one of Canada’s leading minds in AI regulation.

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The rise of data

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the trade and supply of data increase, with more and more of it being generated and leveraged by all industries and organizations. 

Particularly in this era of innovation, data is essential, and as usage continues to skyrocket, the consideration of how it’s being collected and how its being used is more important than ever. 

The importance of good data in AI

Everyone is talking about transforming their organization with artificial intelligence. Whether its automating mundane tasks or building predictive analytics, these machines are all fuelled by data. 

However, while there is great opportunity to make a positive impact with emerging technologies, there is also great risk of getting it wrong. 

This makes it critical for organizations to understand and have a good data strategy before even considering implementing AI. This is where Carole Piovesan, Co-founder and Partner at INQ Data Law comes in to help. 

With over a decade of experience in governmental policies and data law, Carole specializes in helping organizations not only on the legal side, but also the privacy and governance of data pertaining to AI. 

“This is not just creating a widget, you are creating something that is profound, lasting, evolutionary and transformative, and could really hurt people.”

Carole Piovesan, Co-founder & Partner, INQ Data Law

In this podcast episode, Carole dives into how organizations can start mapping their data and building in ethics from the beginning. She emphasizes why it’s so important to take a sustained approach to data-use and how the Canadian government supports it. 

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What You’ll Hear 

  • Carole’s journey of starting INQ Data Law that specializes in data policies and AI. 
  • How the world of data in business has changed over the years and is driving this new era of innovation.
  • The importance for organizations to have regulations and guardrails in place when it comes to data-use. 
  • Exercises and frameworks organizations can apply to start mapping their data strategy. 

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